# Download Kangaroo

For all users, recommend to download the latest stable version, if you are developers and master GTK technology stack, you could download the latest developer version and experience the new features.

Download Tip

By the project limitation, only the latest version is available for download.

# Stable version

Stable and LTS(Long-term Support) version depend on test result and stabilization.

Release date Windows Linux MacOS iOS Android
2021-07-31 v1.10.1 v1.10.1 v1.10.1
2020-11-09 v1.0.6 v1.0.6 v1.0.6
2020-10-19 v1.0.5 v1.0.5 v1.0.5
2020-09-21 v0.99.3 v0.99.3 v0.99.3
2020-09-07 v0.99.2 v0.99.2 v0.99.2
2020-08-24 v0.99.1 v0.99.1 v0.99.1
2020-06-22 v0.27.1 v0.27.1 v0.27.1
2020-06-01 v0.25.1 v0.25.1 v0.25.1
2020-05-18 v0.23.1 v0.23.1 v0.23.1
2020-05-11 v0.22.1 v0.22.1 v0.22.1
2020-05-04 v0.21.1 v0.21.1 v0.21.1
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# Development version

Development version will be released monthly, talents be changed daily, keep your eyes on it.

Release date Windows Linux MacOS iOS Android
2021-05-31 v1.9.1 v1.9.1 v1.9.1
2021-04-30 v1.8.1 v1.8.1 v1.8.1
2021-03-31 v1.7.1 v1.7.1 v1.7.1
2021-01-31 v1.6.1 v1.6.1 v1.6.1
2020-12-31 v1.5.1 v1.5.1 v1.5.1
2020-11-02 v1.3.1 v1.3.1 v1.3.1
2020-08-17 v0.33.1 v0.33.1 v0.33.1
2020-08-10 v0.32.1 v0.32.1 v0.32.1
2020-08-03 v0.31.1 v0.31.1 v0.31.1
2020-07-27 v0.30.1 v0.30.1 v0.30.1
2020-07-13 v0.29.1 v0.29.1 v0.29.1
2020-06-29 v0.28.1 v0.28.1 v0.28.1
2020-06-15 v0.26.1 v0.26.1 v0.26.1
2020-05-25 v0.24.1 v0.24.1 v0.24.1
2020-04-20 v0.20.1 v0.20.1 v0.20.1
2020-04-13 v0.19.1 v0.19.1 v0.19.1
2020-04-06 v0.18.1 v0.18.1 v0.18.1
2020-03-23 v0.17.0 v0.17.0 v0.17.0
2020-03-16 v0.16.0 v0.16.0
2020-03-02 v0.15.0 v0.15.0 v0.15.0
2020-02-17 v0.14.0 v0.14.0 v0.14.0
2020-02-10 v0.13.0 v0.13.0 v0.13.0
2020-01-20 v0.12.1 v0.12.1 v0.12.1
2020-01-13 v0.11.1 v0.11.1 v0.11.1
2020-01-06 v0.11.0 v0.11.0 v0.11.0
2019-12-23 v0.10.0 v0.10.0 v0.10.0
2019-12-16 v0.9.5 v0.9.5 v0.9.5
2019-12-09 v0.9.4 v0.9.4 v0.9.4
2019-12-02 v0.9.3 v0.9.3 v0.9.3
2019-11-25 v0.9.2 v0.9.2 v0.9.2
2019-11-18 v0.9.1 v0.9.1 v0.9.1
2019-11-11 v0.9.0 v0.9.0 v0.9.0
2019-11-04 v0.8.5 v0.8.5 v0.8.5
2019-10-28 v0.8.4 v0.8.4 v0.8.4
2019-10-21 v0.8.3 v0.8.3 v0.8.3
2019-10-14 v0.8.2 v0.8.2
2019-09-30 v0.8.1 v0.8.1
2019-09-23 v0.8.0 v0.8.0
2019-09-16 v0.7.2 v0.7.2
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