# Feature matrix

  Kangaroo v2020 Kangaroo v2021
MySQL 3.21 or later
MariaDB 5.1 or later
PostgreSQL 7.3 or later
SQLite 2 and 3
Secure connection: SSH/HTTP/SSL
Export/import connection settings
Data Viewer and Editor
Grid view
Form view
Chart view
Map view
Generate cell value
Text, Image viewer/editor
Hex, Web viewer/editor
Raw mode editing
Customize data type colorings
Filter records
SQL/Script Processing
SQL/Script Editor
SQL keyword auto-completion
User schema auto-completion
Visual SQL/Script Builder
SQL/Script Beautifier and Minifier
Find and replace
Open query files in an external editor
Data Modeling
Conceptual, Logical and Physical model
Reverse/forward engineering
Add lines, layers, images, notes, art-texts and shapes
Export database diagrams to PDF and graphic files
Import from file formats: TXT, CSV, XML, JSON
Export to file formats: TXT, CSV, XML, JSON
Export data to Markdown, HTML
Generate design document(Markdown, HTML)
Other Useful Features
Dark mode
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