# Feature List

  Kangaroo v2020 Kangaroo v2021
MySQL 3.21 or later
MariaDB 5.1 or later
PostgreSQL 7.3 or later
SQLite 2 and 3
Secure connection: SSH/HTTP/SSL
Export/import connection settings
Data Viewer and Editor
Grid view
Form view
Chart view
Map view
Generate cell value
Update cell value with algorithm
Copy cell value with algorithm
Text, Image viewer/editor
Hex, Web viewer/editor
Raw mode editing
Customize data type colorings
Filter records
SQL/Script Processing
SQL/Script Editor
SQL keyword auto-completion
User schema auto-completion
Visual SQL/Script Builder
SQL/Script Beautifier and Minifier
Find and replace
Open query files in an external editor
Data Modeling
Conceptual, Logical and Physical model
Reverse/forward engineering
Add lines, layers, images, notes, art-texts and shapes
Export database diagrams to PDF and graphic files
Import from file formats: TXT, CSV, XML, JSON
Export to file formats: TXT, CSV, XML, JSON
Export data to Markdown, HTML
Generate design document(Markdown, HTML)
Other Useful Features
Dark mode
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