# Connection management

# Connection limitations

The connection have some limitations as follow:

  • connection with SSL not yet support.
  • connection with SSH with pass phrase not yet support

# SQLite

Make a SQLite connection is easy, just do as follow:

  • step 1: click New connection icon and name it
  • step 2: click left icon to create an new database, then click Test connection to test it
  • step 3: click right icon to load an exist database, then click Test connection to test it
  • step 4: make sure you have done these steps, then click Save icon to save it.
  • step 5: open your new connection to perform operations.

# MySQL / MariaDB

MySQL / PostgreSQL connnection is more complicate, because it support multi authentication methods, so you should prepare material before making connection, the best way is choose mysql native password plugin(mysql_native_password), just follow the guide:

1) Open terminal
2) mysql -u root -p
3) Enter your password
4) ALTER USER root@localhost IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'password';

After that, you could make a connection easily: Make a MySQL connection

Follow the label and tooltip, fill the data as right place, then test connection. Every thing will be ok if the data is valid.

Make a MySQL connection with SSH

Your connection could through the private network over SSH(and over proxy), the built-in SSH client could help you done it.

# PostgreSQL

Just refer MySQL connection setting.

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