# Kangaroo change timeline

# Kangaroo v1.9.1.210531

  1. Add view designer
  2. Add Toolbar control
  3. Upgrade library libgda to 6.0.1
  4. Improve connection stability for MySQL/MariaDB
  5. Refactor repository's context menu
  6. Implement rename function for SQLite
  7. Implement rename function for MySQL/MariaDB
  8. Implement new/edit/source/rename/dump/copy names function for view
  9. Refactor query view's toolbar
  10. Update Chinese translation(zh-CN/zh-TW/zh-SG/zh-HK)
  11. Add column reorder support for data grid
  12. Improve format of DataTime/TimeStamp
  13. Add geometric point type support
  14. Add large text type support
  15. Improve installer for windows and MacOS
  16. Fixed: non-response while clicking the triangle icon on the tree
  17. Fixed: NULL/Empty string invalid
  18. Fixed: can't show view's columns in the model view
  19. Fixed: enlarge model view while importing objects.
  20. Fixed: can't load index entries (MySQL)
  21. Fixed: can't modify boolean data
  22. Fixed: warning message while loading intellisense data.

# Kangaroo v1.8.1.210430

  1. Improve toolbar effect(show label and large icon default)
  2. Improve the tab title for Query view
  3. Open one instance of the same view only
  4. Update app desktop entry's category
  5. Add import/generate buttons for the model toolbar
  6. Model: implement import entity models from the database
  7. Model: load and save data of the table and view node
  8. Model: implement change and close notification
  9. Model: Add entity dialog
  10. Model: improve effect of node(table / view / shape)
  11. Fixed: can't show columns on the non-column page
  12. Fixed: can't load libgda's plugin
  13. Fixed: can't show node while loading large model file

# Kangaroo v1.7.1.210331

  1. Implement hex editor support (completed)
  2. Add workspace tab UI support (completed)
  3. Add independent history support(completed)
  4. Add shortcut customize support(completed)
  5. Add data chart support (in progress)
  6. Add database model support (in progress)
    • Add load and save model support
    • Add node copy and paste support
    • Add multi-selection support
  7. Drag and drop SQLite file on the workspace to open it #76
  8. Refactor app home page to improve experience
  9. Copy data as LUA table
  10. improve object tree experience
  11. Backup and restore workspace layout
  12. Add more language support
  13. Improve log support(add database and connection name)
  14. File monitor support for sql script file
  15. refactor content view to show feature bar
  16. all data tables are displayed by default
  17. refactor object panel to improve UI experience
  18. Add shortcut dialog for search and setup;
  19. Improve app title bar style, add color and image support.
  20. Add shell notification support
  21. Add confirm dialog while closing pages
  22. Refactor tool bar with GtkToolbar widget
  23. Fixed: Access denied: you need the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation
  24. Fixed: close tab view after deleted the database object.
  25. Fixed: update tab view after renamed the database object.
  26. Fixed: can't get system name on MacOS platform
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# Kangaroo v1.6.1.210131

  1. Implement hex editor support (completed)
  2. Add workspace tab UI support (completed)
  3. Add independent history support(completed)
  4. Add shortcut customeize support(completed)
  5. Add data chart support (in progress)
  6. Add database model support (in progress)

# Kangaroo v1.5.1.201231

  1. Implement hex editor support (completed)
  2. Add workspace tab UI support (completed)
  3. Add data chart support (in progress)
  4. Add database modeling support (in progress)

# Kangaroo v1.0.6.201109

  1. Update domain to www.datatable.online

# Kangaroo v1.3.1.201102

  1. Implement hex editor (completed)
  2. Add data chart support(in progress)
  3. Add workspace tab ui support(in progress)

# Kangaroo v1.0.5.201019

  1. Implement context menu for cell value
  2. Improve database null value support
  3. Improve text view for cell value, support to detect charset and convert to UTF-8
  4. Improve the China mainland user accessibility: show changelog
  5. Improve mysql connection stability
  6. Fixed: fail to change cell value viewer
  7. Fixed: copy short and full name invalid
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# Kangaroo v0.99.3.200921

  1. Refactor container and service module
  2. Improve the performance of content and query view
  3. Update datagrid toolbar icon
  4. Fixed: can't open mariadb database

# Kangaroo v0.99.2.200907)

  1. Improve Mac OS X installer and portable packages
  2. Improve tools page locale support
  3. Update Chinese(zh-CN/zh-TW/zh-HK/zh-SG)
  4. Fixed: 提示 MySQL server has done away 后,没有自动\手动重连 #63
  5. Fixed: plugin caching sha2 password could not be loaded #64
  6. Fixed: console warning message

# Kangaroo v0.99.1.200824

  1. Improve designer to notify user save change
  2. Improve message dialog to show title
  3. Improve preview tab to show change only
  4. Update SQLite/MySQL/PostgreSQL meta model
  5. Improve windows installer to add license and language support
  6. Make kangaroo portable #59

# Kangaroo v0.33.1.200817

  1. Update title bar and tab bar CSS style
  2. Improve date&time picker
  3. Improve date&time renderer
  4. Implement date&time editing in grid and form
  5. Update windows deploy script to include libpeas loaders
  6. Update meson script to add dependencies(pdf/draw/map)
  7. Update meson script to improve debug support
  8. Fixed: can't show animation image(.gif)

# Kangaroo v0.32.1.200810

  1. Implement to generate W3C html document
  2. Implement to generate markdown document
  3. Update import/export icon image
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# Kangaroo v0.31.1.200803

  1. Implement BLOB content identity
  2. Implement SQLite BLOB column handle(import / export / set null)
  3. Implement MySQL BLOB column handle(import / export / set null)
  4. Implement PostgreSQL BLOB column handle(import / export / set null)
  5. Implement view BLOB data as string
  6. Apply tight style for find and replace box

# Kangaroo v0.30.1.200727

  1. Add app relate plugin search path
  2. Add data viewer pane and button
  3. Implement text and image vierer
  4. Update button with flat style

# Kangaroo v0.29.1.200713

  1. Implement plugin system
  2. Implement a example plugin
  3. Update ArchLinux and MacOSX installer
  4. Update protable package(more *nixable)

# Kangaroo v0.28.1.200629

  1. Implement search and replace function
  2. Update Chinese translation
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# Kangaroo v0.27.1.200622

  1. Improve intellisense data for PostgreSQL
  2. Improve auto-completion style(icon/filter by input)
  3. Add function's call tip(highlighting/bold/auto location/data)
  4. Implement copy focused column name(short/full)
  5. Implement copy datagrid column name(TSV/CSV)
  6. Update package name
  7. Update Chinese translation

# Kangaroo v0.26.1.200615

  1. Add intellisense data support(SQLite/MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  2. Add auto completion for code view(v1)

# Kangaroo v0.25.1.200601

  1. Add context menu for workspace notebook widget
  2. Add new query menu for object tree item(database/schema).
  3. Update Chinese translation(zh-CN/zh-TW/zh-HK/zh-SG).
  4. Fixed: PostgreSQL 12: tables not visible #46
  5. Fixed: MariaDB 10.5: Unknown column 'cons.ENFORCED' in 'field list' #47
  6. Fixed: PostgreSQL 12: column c.consrc does not exist #48
  7. Fixed: PostgreSQL 11.7 / 9.6: row 1 out of range(0-0) #49
  8. Fixed: MySQL 5.7.30: Unknown table 'CHECK_CONSTRAINTS' in information_schema #50
  9. Fixed: PostgreSQL 9.6: column c.relispartition does not exist #51
  10. Fixed: PostgreSQL: invalid schemas in database
  11. Fixed: display invalid while column name has underline(_)

# Kangaroo v0.24.1.200525

  1. Add SQL Formatter to beautify and minify sql code.
  2. Add archlinux installer(based on HowardZorn's working).
  3. Add macos installer
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# Kangaroo v0.23.1.200518

  1. Improve date / datetime picker widget.
  2. Improve app title bar to add background image(color).
  3. Improve data grid column title.
  4. Improve Chinese translations.
  5. Fixed: can't update date/time/datetime type.
  6. Fixed: can't update float value
  7. Fixed: can't update numeric value
  8. Fixed: MySQL: can't save char column data
  9. Fixed: PostgreSQL: invalid object name in sql
  10. Fixed: invalid toolbar state while swtich to grid.

# Kangaroo v0.22.1.200511

  1. Add Chinese(zh-CN/zh-TW/zh-HK/zh-SG) translation.
  2. SQLite: add file extension(.sqlite) for new database.
  3. Improve experience for designer / fresh / delete operation
  4. Improve deploy and installer script for automation.
  5. Fixed: crash while renaming object.
  6. Fixed: crash while deleting object.
  7. Fixed: crash while saving schema for sqlite
  8. Fixed: can't append row on the empty table
  9. Fixed: can't save appended row in live mode

# Kangaroo v0.21.1.200504

  1. Refactor the entire datagrid to make great experience.
  2. Support 3 kind of mode: LIVE / CACHE / TRANSACTION
  3. Support copy and paste multi rows in data grid.
  4. Chnage mode automatically while paste multi rows.
  5. fixed: where statement error in query builder

# Kangaroo v0.20.1.200420

  1. Implement copy function in the datagrid.
  2. refactor context menu of structure designer.
  3. Implement clone function for designer form.
  4. Implement append function for designer form.
  5. Support multi rows of delete/move up/move down function.
  6. Implement copy function for designer form.
  7. Implement cut function for designer form.
  8. Implement paste function for designer form.
  9. Improve text performance of datagrid.
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# Kangaroo v0.19.1.200413

  1. Implement copy object name menu on dbtree.
  2. Implement copy as SQL(Insert/Update/Delete) in the datagrid.
  3. Implement copy as TSV in the datagrid
  4. Implement copy as CSV in the datagrid
  5. Implement copy as PHP array in the datagrid
  6. Implement copy as JSON in the datagrid
  7. Improve paned widget border style.
  8. fixed: crashed while stringize the blob column
  9. fixed: crashed while no primary key
  10. fixed: crashed while primary key contain character(_)
  11. fixed: warning message while column with empty value
  12. fixed: warning message while invalid calling(to_string)

# Kangaroo v0.18.1.200406

  1. encrypt user password to keep user passwords safe.
  2. Implement insert, clone and delete functionality in the datagrid.
  3. Implement connection clone functionality in the start view
  4. Implement dump sql functionality on the dbtree
  5. Implement table schema editor on the dbtree
  6. Implement refresh functionality on the dbtree
  7. Improve workspace tab behavior(auto hide for one)
  8. fixed: return key behavior invalid on the dbtree
  9. fixed: crashed while open table with null value

# Kangaroo v0.17.0.200323

  1. Support connection over SSH tunnel (Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOS)
  2. Add testing support for connection dialog
  3. Refactor context menu of datagrid
  4. Add dump sql (file and text) menu for dbtree
  5. Implement selection menu of datagrid
  6. Implement goto cell menu of datagrid
  7. Fixed: crashed while switching grid to form.

# Kangaroo v0.16.0.200316

  1. Support SSH tunnel(Windows not yet pass test).
  2. Support input page number to switch page
  3. Improve: update layout of switch widget on dialog
  4. Fixed: can't open link on windows
  5. Fixed: log file index error
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# Kangaroo v0.15.0.200302

  1. Update and share openssl.vapi to keep user data safe.
  2. Improve language support(kangaroo.pot, zh_Hans and zh_Hant)
  3. Improve home view's web resource load performance
  4. Apply proxy setting for loading web resource
  5. Linux: change browser view to timeline text view
  6. Use combobox widget instead entry for log file size

# Kangaroo v0.14.0.200217

  1. SQLite: support to create new database
  2. refactor database tree context menu
  3. integrated with openssl to keep user's password safe
  4. add pointer cursor for right panel icon
  5. fixed: update workbench default size while first run

# Kangaroo v0.13.0.200210

  1. apply data grid style setting
  2. apply sql editor style setting
  3. windows 32bit version support
  4. implement SSH tunnel support(not yet integrate)
  5. minor change for connection dialog UI
  6. fixed: tool's icon incorrect on release version

# Kangaroo v0.12.1.200120

  1. add setting dialog
  2. add dark theme support
  3. bind connection dialog with new setting model
  4. update start view with new setting model
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# Kangaroo v0.11.1.200113

  1. redesign connection dialog to support SSH and SSL
  2. add donate icon on home page(Paypal/Wechat/Alipay)
  3. redesign configuration model and file(init --> json)
  4. Use symbolic icons in the Header Bar(#25)
  5. fixed: edit data in grid will update all rows

# Kangaroo v0.11.0.200106

  1. add app home page
  2. reimplement DSV format engine
  3. improve DSV compatible with other tools.
  4. improve DSV option UI layout
  5. improve date column editting support
  6. fixed: generate sql statement incorrect.
  7. fixed: crash while importing data
  8. fixed: can't save data while editting on data grid
  9. fixed: warning message about db tree

# Kangaroo v0.10.0.191223

  1. add export assistant UI
  2. batch export table to file.
  3. support data formats(DSV/JSON/XML/HTML/Markdown/SQL)
  4. support title for column(rename)

# Kangaroo v0.9.5.191216

  1. import data from DSV format
  2. import data from JSON format
  3. import data from XML format
  4. Rewritten export data as XML format with libxml2;
  5. add export modules assistant UI
  6. implement export format and table selection page
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# Kangaroo v0.9.4.191209

  1. add import summary page
  2. add five kinds of import mode
  3. import csv format data to table
  4. fixed logo can't show on linux and macos platform

# Kangaroo v0.9.3.191202

  1. implement column mapping function

# Kangaroo v0.9.2.191125

  1. Import data from file(dsv/xml/json) #19
    • implement the import UI(format, encoding and preview)
    • implement the import UI(DSV format option)
    • implement the import UI(data preview)
    • implement the import UI(column mapping)
    • implement the import UI(process progress)
    • implement DSV format parse and preview

# Kangaroo v0.9.1.191118

  1. Export data to file(dsv(csv/tsv/...)/xml/json/sql/md/html) #18
    • Export data to DSV format(CSV/TSV/...)
    • Export data to JSON format
    • Export data to XML format
    • Export data to HTML format
    • Export data to SQL format(INSERT)
    • Export data to Markdown format
  2. Improve file filter of save dialog

# Kangaroo v0.9.0.191111

  1. Edit table schema and save to database #5
  2. Export data to JSON and DSV format
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# Kangaroo v0.8.5.191104

  1. Edit table schema and save to database(SQLite and PostgreSQL preview) #5
  2. Add export data formats UI and interfaces
  3. Update tab's title while save the new table

# Kangaroo v0.8.4.191028

  1. Rearrange db tree and UI #17
  2. Add refresh menu on db tree
  3. Implement multiple databases support
  4. Edit table schema and save to database(MySQL Preview) #5

# Kangaroo v0.8.3.191021

  1. 新建连接时出现插件未加载错误 #12
    Load plugin failed while create new connection #12
  2. Add MacOS compilation support #13
  3. refactor database model to improve interoperability

# Kangaroo v0.8.2.191014

  1. improve: field selection dialog support to select fields by value(#9)
  2. improve: schema designer support to navigate with Tab key(#3)
  3. fixed: fields expression dialog reload value failed(#10)
  4. fixed: missing windows shortcut icon(start menu and desktop) (#7)
  5. fixed: missing syntax highlighting support(#8)
  6. fixed: load data in form view failed(#11)
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# Kangaroo v0.8.1.190930

  1. improve: generate exact correct editing sql
  2. refactor: add source code editor module
  3. improve SQLite schema sql builder
  4. fixed: text editor and code editor can't show blank line
  5. fixed: get string failed while create data row(console)
  6. fixed: console critical message while editing schema

# Kangaroo v0.8.0.190923

  1. implement the builder of PostgreSQL(11.0)
  2. save table schema to database(create only)
  3. update build script: hide app console window
  4. update windows installer: add MySQL and PostgreSQL client library
  5. update the links on the about window
  6. improve single line edit control(auto focus)
  7. update gui cursor while busy

# Kangaroo v0.7.2.190916

  1. Implement loader of PostgreSQL 11(full version)
  2. Improve designer form of PostgreSQL 11
  3. refactor content of Kangaroo repo
  4. create new site: dbkangaroo.github.io
  5. add windows installer script

# Kangaroo v0.6.0.190601

  1. support edit and save in table
  2. support edit and save in form
  3. support i18n and l10n
  4. support chinese language

# Kangaroo v0.4.0.190501

  1. support data pagination
  2. implemtnt query builder and apply it
  3. export data to file(.csv)
  4. show system log in output view
  5. edit and execute sql
  6. support multiple results

# Kangaroo v0.2.0.190401

  1. add connection setup ui
  2. add connection manager
  3. show database structure tree in data panel
  4. show data in tree view
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